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Imagine a day that every single person in this world thinks about a random act of kindness per day. Imagine a day that all of us compliment each other for the nice things that we do. Imagine a day that people in our society get together and plan to do something kind for others together! This was exactly what Iman Aghay thought when he decided to start the Random Kind Act Community.

Our story started from four tourists, a wise man, left over pizza, a homeless and an entrepreneur. One day Iman and his wise experienced friend Roger Killen were walking down the street where Roger suddenly stopped and helped a group of tourists who looked confused. After Roger was done, Iman told Roger: "Well, that was a random act of kindness". "I try to do five random acts of kindness per day and this was my second one today" said Roger.

Few days later, Iman and his wife were having a pizza in a restaurant and they asked for a box to take the left over. Few minutes later they saw a homeless and Iman remembered Roger's commitment and thought let's give this pizza to the homeless. When homeless got the pizza he was so happy that started having tears in his eyes and his tears and Iman's entrepreneurial spirit met each other. Iman thought what if we can inspire all people around us the very same way that I got inspired to do one random act of kindness per day? Few minutes later Iman founded Randomkindact.com with the mission to inspire 1,000,000 people to do a random act of kindness and share it with others every single day. With such a mission no one will be left behind in this world!

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